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Mark Gregston's legendary work with teens began in 1978 as youth minister in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their involvement also with Young Life moved them to open their home to work with teens who were struggling through crisis family problems.  read more>>  Mark's Corner- Parenting Today's Teens

Do you have a teen who may be in trouble, here is a self assessment for Troubled Teenager Warning Signs

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Mark Gregston's tutuorials give you the tools
to help you with parenting today's teens!

Mark Gregston, a premier author and radio host, brings a whole world of teachings for kids and parents.

Today's teen culture seems more and more confusing than ever. Teens are being bombarded by a highly sexualized culture and over- exposure to behaviors, words and images that can influence them beyond a parent's reach.

Will parents be ready when their teen needs them the most?

Offer families in your church and community help and hope as they navigate the often turbulent teen years.

There is hope...

Parenting Today's Teens along with the Heartlight Ministries Foundation offer help and hope to parents of teens and soon to be teens through their series of powerful seminars

"For parents ready to admit they need guidance with their teen there is no one more qualified to learn from than Mark Gregston."

Dr James MacDonald, Host and teacher Walk in the Word, Senior Pastor Harvest Bible Chapel

Visit Heartlight Ministries & Residential Boarding school for troubled teens read more>> Take your time, look through Mark Gregston's vast selection of books, and free articles; take the steps for a better new year in
Heartlight Ministries encourages life-changing decisions to ensure a healthy and productive life for your teen.

Parenting Teens Library set

Parenting Today's Teens by Mark Gregston Heartlight Ministries

Parenting Today's Teens, Stepping stones, Prayers for my teen & more!

The complete library of all 10 pocket books (50-150 pages each) written by Mark Gregston to answer the most asked questions of parents of teens today. Comes in a handsome signature library sleave.

Stepping Stones Get Mark's new book "Stepping Stones - Wisdom and Encouragement for Your Parenting Journey." This is a gift book with little nuggets of wisdom for parents of teens by Mark. A perfect gift or a source of encouragement and wisdom for you as a parent.

2-book set special offer, Prayers for My Teen and Parenting Today's Teens Devotional.

Our parent help library! Includes all of our resources- books, audio, video, & digital downloads Mark's Resources

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Concerned about your teen's behavior?
Heartlight is committed to the belief that an atmosphere of relationships creates an arena for change. Our approach is loving and non-threatening, building trust and relationships as well as several forms of counseling. Heartlight believes in actively involving Parents and family in the process right along with the teenager. Helpful resources by Mark Gregston help parents deal effectively with teens who are struggling. See an expanded selection below-

New Day, New Hope

Share your stories of hope, and love.

Child Slavery &
Sex Trafficking

Child Sex Slavery- sexual exploitation of children in violation of Human Rights Vienna Declaration

Parenting Self-help

Self esteem, Anxiety, Parenting Toddlers through Terrible Two's, Troubled Teens

Child Abuse Resources

What's abuse, trust & your child, shaken baby, bullying, teen suicide, help for kids & parents.

April- Child Abuse Prevention Month

Child abuse prevention is a 365 day, 24/7 A Work of Love! Learn more here.

Child Help National Hotline

Call 1-800-4-A-CHILD. Hotline Staffed 24/7 by Certified Degreed Counselors. Get Help

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