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Why we are here- Our Mission

Children are the future of our community. Here at childabuse.com, we believe in the value of children. They have a right to a safe environment in which to grow and flourish.

Nobody accomplishes anything amazing alone. we're all eternally grateful to those who help us achieve great things for those in need. We are especially grateful to those who proactively take a stand against the those who willfully raise a hand against another. Children must be protected; and yet, they cannot protect themselves. Protecting children involves everyone. Helping abused and neglected children is a duty we all share.

Information is a key component in child abuse prevention, here at www.childabuse.com we offer current articles and reports on child abuse trends and what you can do to help combat abuse. Learning and understanding are also key components in fight against child abuse, here we offer a wide variety of articles, newsletters and learning material. Read, learn, and join in the fight against child abuse.

Did you know that every 30 seconds a child is abused, every 20 minutes a child dies from an abusive hand? Child abuse has many faces, sadly it's often not a stranger's face. Understanding abuse is the best prevention, knowledge is power and is the key to the solution....we have the key, come and unlock your mind, learn what you can do to help in the fight against abuse.

Additional child service web sites for combating abuse and safeguarding our children can be found at www.sexoffender.com and www.criminalnotice.com, these sites bring you on-line access to registered sex offenders in various states- FREE OF CHARGE "If Knowledge is Power, then Information is the Key to the Solution"

How Can I Get Involved?

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First, learn ways you can help your family, friends and neighbors before abuse occurs. Most parents want to do the right things for their child. Sometimes problems like loss of a job, immaturity, substance abuse, being new parents or other issues cause stress for a person trying to be a parent.

Be supportive of parents who are having problems. Offer to baby-sit, or help in other ways. Volunteer or start a child abuse prevention campaign at your church or work.

Be alert to the signs of child abuse and neglect. Know what steps to take to help.

What is Child Abuse or Neglect?

Children who are mistreated can be physically abused, sexually abused, or emotionally abused; neglected; or abandoned.

Physical Abuse is any injury resulting from beating, biting burning or otherwise harming a child.

Sexual abuse is any act of molestation against a minor child.

Emotional abuse can be caused by constantly rejecting a child, exposing a child to domestic violence, or threatening child's safety.

Neglect is defined as the failure of a parent to provide food, clothing, supervision, education or medical care for a child.

Am I Doing The Right Thing?

Understanding your role in protecting children is important. You are doing the right thing by getting involved and telling us a child is at risk of abuse or neglect. The children must be able to count on us to make their world safe and secure. After all, it takes a community to protect a child.

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