Tough Guys & Drama Queens

How not to get blinded by your child's teen years

by Mark Gregston

Tough Guys & Drama Queens

Plan to attend the Tough Guys & Drama Queens seminar, led by teen expert, Mark Gregston. Visit the upcoming events section at HeartLight Ministries here >>  Mark and Parenting Today‚Äôs Teens

Mark will share his insights and observations gathered from over 40 years of experience in dealing with teens and parents. His national radio program, Parenting Today's Teens, is heard on over 1,500 radio outlets. His wit, humor, and biblical approach to helping parents insure that his seminars are full of laughter and practical applications that appeal to all audiences.

Participants will learn why this teen culture is so different and what parents can do to counter the effects on their adolescent. They will realize why some of the old styles of parenting no longer work; and learn about a new style of parenting that does.

Don't be blindsided by your child's teen years! Whether you are pre-teens or teens, this seminar is for you. You'll walk away with the ability to set a new course for your family, and learn how to walk through the often times turbulent teen years.

Childcare is available.



Mark Gregston is an author, speaker, radio host, and the founder and director of Heartlight, located in Hallsville, Texas. For more information and helpful resources for moms and dads, check out our website. It's filled with ideas and tools to help you become a more effective parent. Go to Or read other helpful articles by Mark, at You can also call Heartlight directly at (903) 668-2173. Hear the Parenting Today's Teens broadcast on a radio station near you, or download the podcast at




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