WELFARE as a way of Life

by Dr. Sam Heath

Virtually everyone is interested in the possibility of UFOs and space aliens having visited earth in ages past. There are people that interpret some ancient monuments, writings, inscriptions and pictures in and on stone as depicting such visitations.

We wonder why some very ancient civilizations suddenly disappeared? There are those that believe some of these ancient civilizations reached a very a high level of technology and the arts. To only look to the age of the great pyramids gives one pause to wonder?

Nobel-winning physicist Michio Kaku makes the point that if there were advanced civilizations in space, beyond our world and galaxy, they probably reached the point of nuclear energy and destroyed themselves. This, he says, is probably why we have had no contact with such civilizations.

Many look to religious writings, astrology, people like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce for answers to some of these questions. Yet, I am the first to admit that people often look for esoteric answers to such seemingly complex questions and as the old bromide has it, miss the forest for the trees. I believe this has been true in my own case.

So it is that as much as I highly regard the opinion of that great physicist Kaku, I have to take exception to his conclusion about nuclear energy. What happened to great extraterrestrial civilizations is probably what happened to these past great civilizations here on earth.

Thanks to Mexico's President Vincente Fox passing out survival kits to illegal aliens in order to make it easier for such criminals to make it into the United States, I think I have found the answer to these monumentally perplexing questions.

These past great civilizations did indeed reach the highest levels of technology and the arts, whether of extraterrestrial help or not. But once reaching such a great and high plateau, even reaching the level of civilization that we enjoy here in America, they implemented the most sought-after hallmark of an advanced state of civilized society, WELFARE as a way of life, and imploded never to rise again.



Samuel D. G. Heath, Ph.D.

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