Shards of Glass by CW Seymore

Emotional Effects of Reliving My Childhood

Shards of Glass

After the completion of Shards of Glass, I had no idea how reliving the past and exploring and remembering new memories were going to affect me.

I thought I had dealt with these issues a long time ago and that I was strong enough to share them with the world.

Since its completion I have suffered from severe panic attacks and acute anxiety. I wake up most nights drenched in a cold sweat desperately trying to catch my breath and slow my breathing. It has been almost impossible to achieve a good night's sleep going on well past a month currently.

I have been more nervous around people and various situations. I have so much fear that is surfacing in the form of anxiety. I am having trouble eating. I have never suffered with these things in my adult life. If I have it has been only briefly and has not been significant to affect my life up until now.

I have dedicated myself to constant prayer over the past few weeks asking for deliverance from these symptoms and overall healing from my past in ways only the Lord can Master. I would appreciate prayers and any suggestions or websites that may aide in overcoming and fighting through the effects of reliving childhood memories.



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