Remove Child Sexual Abuse Content on Facebook

Social Media Facebook Rampant with Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation Content

by Blair Corbett, Ark of Hope

Facebook is rampant with child sexual abuse content, child exploitation material, online child predators, harassment, stalking and cyber-bullying of minors and various other forms of predatory activities targeting minors.

Facebook provides several options for reporting offensive or harassing content, including spam, scams, graphic violence, hate speech, nudity, etc. Yet there is no recourse for someone wanting to report explicit child sexual abuse content or pedophiles and other kinds of sexual predators.

During mid-March 2013 a video of severe and horrific child sexual abuse of a toddler girl went viral on Facebook, garnering more than 30,000 shares over a period of hours before it was finally deleted by Facebook following massive reporting.

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A dedicated report button as we call for, would be responded to immediately by Facebook staff who will review the content according to our suggested tiered structure and if deemed to be explicit child porn, deactivate or unpublish the profile or page immediately and hold for law enforcement.

Less severe forms of child exploitation material will be dealt with also in summary fashion and removed from Facebook permanently.

There should be NO delay between the very first report of such content and the time it takes for Facebook to act decisively to remove the content and user from public viewing, and preventing further sharing, downloading or continuing of abuse.

Furthermore, in cases of explicit child sexual abuse material or child exploitation content, a SINGLE report should immediately flag a page or profile for deactivation while being investigated.

The time has come for Facebook to live up to its goals of being a social network for the people.And those people include the minors over age of 13 that are also users of the network.

Lastly, Facebook has to acknowledge the rampant distribution and dissemination of child sexual abuse content hosted on it's servers.

It's called child porn and Facebook does not acknowledge they have a problem hosting and containing it. Now is the time!

Join Us: Deadline for this petition is endlessuntil such time as Facebook has put these actions in place and promotes their existence and/or allows organizations like ours to promote the ease of access to these reporting functions.


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Blair Corbett, founder, Ark of Hope for Children visit The Ark of Hope at for more helpful articles by Blair.

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