How Far is to Far to Go?

by Blair Corbett, Ark of Hope

How far is too far when helping a still traumatized teen child abuse survivor? How far is too far in reaching out to catch a young man aging out of foster care that is not prepared to care for himself? We have heard the cliche statements like "Pay it Forward" and, "What Would Jesus Do?" Constant trauma from severe abuse was never addressed and they are years behind in school. We ask, how does an 18 year old get a job and begin caring for themselves alone under such emotional strain? They don't, not without direct long term help.

So, in the spirit of our UnChained Project motto No Survivor Stands Alone, we are bringing this young man here to our home in Florida. Bringing them from the west coast of the U.S., roughly 3,000 miles away. We need your help and here's how!

Ark of Hope for Children's UnChained Project is moving all of that to the forefront. As we are asking people to step up in their communities for survivors of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying, we are making a large step of our own. A young man Blair Corbett has been mentoring online for quite some time is living the first part of this post. Aging out of the foster care system that failed him. We can all help deal with the ignored original traum's and tutor the years of missing education so he can get his GED. We NEED your help.

Enough is enough! What we do know is that some bullying programs running with some good ideas and with a certain amount of success. In Ark of Hope for Children's desire to find a working solution, we are joining ideas and joining forces to collaborate with some impassioned change makers of our time. These are individuals and organizations that are determined to and have been making a difference for our bullied youth. They are those groups with humble hearts are willing to join forces to make a larger, sustainable and lasting impact.


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