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Child Help National Hotline

Call 1–800–4–A CHILD
This hotline is staffed 24/7
by degreed counselors.

Domestic Violence
Child Sexual Abuse

Domestic Violence Awareness is October, fight every day. Identify at risk, make a difference

Child Sex Slavery &
Human Trafficking

Child Sex Trade billion dollar industry. Sexual Violence against children is rising. You can help!

April Child Abuse
Awareness Month

Stop abuse today! Child abuse prevention is a 365 day, 24/7 work of Love.

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Kids and Parents need somewhere to turn, find help here

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Parenting is not easy, resources for today's parents toddlers terrible two's, Troubled Teens.

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2021 Must Reads

Dedicated to the fight against child abuse and intimate partner violence

Tiffany Werhner Book There's a Light Within You That Never Goes Out sexual abuse survivor stories

Tiffany Werhner, MS, LMHC, PA- author and radio talkshow host- "Moments of Clarity," airing on Tantalk WTAN-AM 1340 Tampa, Fl . Tiffany comes with more than 15 years practicing as a Psychotherapist providing psychiatric intervention, ongoing care at Safety Harbor Behavioral Health and Counseling center where Tiffany also serves as the current acting CEO since 2013. Tiffany and have joined in a collaborative effort, focused on combating child abuse and intimate partner violence.
Tiffany Werhner is Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Author of an Author Academy Awards Nominated book, and Host of the “People’s Choice Nominated” Radio Show, called “Moments of Clarity With Tiffany”, which has been aired for the past 6 years and on several radio stations and podcast platforms.
Listen to Tiffany's radio talk show "Moments of Clarity, learn and interact by calling in to discuss your views and opinions on child abuse, intimate partner violence, anxiety, depression, and many other issues affecting your daily life. As a special free gift to you, Tiffany has made available for the first time a free download of her new book- "There's a light within you that never goes out." Read more about Tiffany Werhner and her work in the fight against child abuse, intimate partner violence, and other issues affecting your life at the >> Corner of Clarity, by Tiffany Werhner

Throughout 2020 Ark of Hope for Children and continue our fight to bring an end to child abuse and sex trafficking, but we need your help. Read on about this Blessed Organization's work to save children from abuse, sex trafficking, and family violence >> Ark of Hope, learn more, join, fight abuse

Giving Back Life continues the fight to improve the lives of orphaned children with Giving Back Life's work is from the heart, guided by the love of Christ in their mission to help and love the hundreds of thousands of abandoned children and orphans in China. We are honored to have Giving Back Life as they graciously share their works with the community, show your support today>> Giving Back Life- empowering underprivileged orphans of China.

Learn from Yesterday. Live for Today. Hope for tomorrow. -Albert Einstein

CW Seymore's new book available now! Shards of Glass-A Little Girl's Journey Back into Her World of Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse [Kindle Edition] available on Amazon Today! press here>> Parent Resources help keep your children safe, while our tutuorials give you the tools
to help heal your life & take control of your destiny!

Orphans in China celebrate National Children's Day, June 1st each year. Show the poorest of the children living in rural villages people from around the world we care. Visit GivingBackLife, what can you do to help? read more>> Community

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Indications of Child Abuse & Maltreatment

When you have concerns for a child's well-being, the indicators discussed may help guide you in your thought process. Many of these "symptoms" or "signs" could be caused by things other than abuse or neglect, review our resource to learn more>>

Report of Child Abuse Every 10 Seconds

Every year in the United States, more than 3.3 million reports of child abuse are reported. In a recent report, more than 6 million children suffer at the hands of their caretakers every year!  learn more »

UNICEF estimates 1.2 million children are trafficked for sex annually

Human trafficking is now the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, some of the children are under 6 years old learn more »

Types of Child Abuse

There are many faces of child abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and often a child suffers from more than one form of abuse. learn more »

Child Marriages, a form of sex trafficking?

Sex trafficking, human trafficking, or a poorly understood religious custom? Just what is child marriage all about? learn more »

Criminal Behavior Related to Child Abuse

Often hand-in-hand, criminal behavior often comes with a child history of abuse with greater than 14% of men, and 36% of all women in prisons today suffered a form of abuse as children. learn more »

Teen Pregnancy, STD's, Drugs & Alcohol

It's no surprise to learn the statistical relationship between teen pregnancy rates, STD's due to unsafe sexual practices, and substance abuse amongst teens who were abused as young children. learn more »

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