Live Love Laugh  Be True to Your Friends

by Gregory Chase

Live, Love, Laugh

It's the times we laugh so hard, we can't help but cry. It's all the inside jokes and " remember whens". These, the reasons we're best friends, the reasons we love, and the reasons we need each other. Weather your best friend is human, puppy, or a cat, love your friend; give, and receive, but never take. It was a friend who saw the pain in my eye, that over the years blurring through the decades; years that mean little, and moments that mean it all. Friends come and go within those moments, but every now and then, someone special comes along and in a moment of time, the pain that once was, is but just a blur lost in the years with little meaning. To those few but precious friends who cared, guided, loved and beleived in me, Thank You

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Gregory Chase, MS, PA-C, RN is an Associate Physician - Founder & Director of author, and educator.

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