Giving Back Life

Introducing Our Newest Board Members
Adam Lenger
I am a beloved son, brother, radiologist, and engineer, humbled by the many blessings afforded to me in life.  As individuals, we have a choice to serve others or serve ourselves.  
I am excited to be a part of an organization that chooses to invest in the hearts and lives of others.  During medical school, I was seeking for an opportunity to serve others and invest in people long-term.  I saw many wonderful organizations and met a lot of great people along the way.  But, after my first visit to an orphanage in rural China back in 2009 (with GivingBackLife), I felt drawn to the innocence of children.  Children who can find an abundance of joy in an absence of material things, often in the absence of loving parents or a welcoming home, is extremely humbling and heart-breaking.  Through reaching out to these children, I have found something great beyond all measure that is worth investing. It is my privilege to partner with GivingBackLife in the journey of life
Ronda Sturgill
I have a MA in Education with an emphasis on Adult Education and am in the process of completing a certificate in Postsecondary Literacy Instruction.  I have a passion for empowering people by teaching them to read and helping them to rise out of poverty.  I currently serve the poor and homeless population in Dayton, OH by leading a women’s bible study.