Packaged Love Project

Catherine Kim, team member Giving Back Life

May 30th, 2014
Dear Family,
So much excitement to share! We've had a chance to visit several The men and women working behind the scenes serving the children like-minded centers serving vulnerable children. The kids LOVE the cards and several wanted to write thank-you notes back.

The kids LOVED their cards We took a 12-hour overnight train to get to the west side of China. It's amazing all the work that is already being done here. What a privilege to The kids LOVED their cards witness the beauty of our Father's tapestry, and to think we might be a small part of His plan!

The kids LOVED their cards

We spent two more days with like-minded folks here before heading over to several days of meetings with gov't officials.
The kids LOVED their cardsYour remembrance to Father is coveted!

Much love, Catherine

June 2nd, 2014
Dear Family,

What a (blessed) whirlwind! We spent 3 days with like-minded folks in the Yunnan province after a 12-hr train ride. It was a refreshing and encouraging time where we learned about programs they already have to serve people in the area.

The kids LOVED their cards We got to visit with locals as well as foreigners. We got to pass out cards and gifts to VERY appreciative children. We enjoyed the local culinary flavors as we tried some REALLY weird foods, and got to see what the needs still are in the area.

The kids LOVED their cards After a 13-hr train ride back to the GuangXi province then a 4-hr car ride we embarked on the last leg of our journey where we will meet with Govt officials to see if we might discern an area of need where its suitable to set up our first campus.

The kids LOVED their cards The next two days were filled with intensive meetings with local government officials. If ever we needed intercession, it was during these meetings! We prayed for clear communications, to guide us through language barriers, for good relationships, for open hearts, and for clear guidance from well as travel mercy.

The waters are murky when it comes to official discussions. We thank each of you who prayed for wisdom on our part.

Thank you all!!

With love, Catherine

June 6th, 2014
Dear Family,

It's been an amazing, fruitful, tiring, educational, and exciting trip! I'm at the HK airport awaiting my flight back to LA. In the past 12 days I've been from LA to Hong Kong (14 hr flight), Hong Kong to Nanning (12 hr drive), Nanning to Kunming (12 hr train), Kunming back to Nanning (12 hr train). My journey took me through 3 rural mountainous regions near Nanning (9 hr nauseating car ride!) to beautiful rural villages.

The kids LOVED their cards We departed from the villages back to Hong Kong (16 hr car ride), now Hong Kong back to LA (14 hr flight). Whew!

We've met multiple like-minded organizations doing great work in rural China and gov't officials.

' The kids LOVED their cards We've explored partnership opportunities, built relationships with like-minded/locals/gov't officials/other team members, seen devastating poverty as well as heart-warming generosity. We've eaten VERY weird things (think: cow vomit noodles), seen beautiful scenery, and learned about Father's work in China, in people, and in our own hearts.

The kids LOVED their cards The Packaged Love Project and Children's Day Cards and gifts were SO well-received and appreciated!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all who remembered us and supported us. It's such and exciting adventure we get to be part of and I'm so glad you are part of our team!!

The kids LOVED their cards Expect a newsletter from GivingBackLife soon to update you on our new developments and partnerships.

With love, Catherine

June 10th, 2014
Dear Supporters,

The kids LOVED their gifts and cards!! We put all the lovingly prepared packages into drawstring bags before they were presented to the children by the orphanage staff.

The kids LOVED their cards Here are a few pictures of the children receiving their packages, gifts, and cards.

The kids LOVED their cards

The children had such sweet, thankful spirits that they wanted to immediately write thank-you notes to these unknown friends in America! We've included some pictures of these thank-you cards as well.

The kids LOVED their cards THANK YOU for helping put a smile on a child's face, so many miles away! A small pebble of kindness can cause ever-expanding ripples of joy. Thank you for partnering with us to bring hope! We look forward to partnering again for future projects!

The kids LOVED their cards

Catherine Kim, M.D.
Chair of the Board

The kids LOVED their cards